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Type 186 Autobody Weldout™ Spotweld Super Cobalt Spur point
    Autobody Spotweld Super Cobalt Type 186
    Spur point on the Type 186 is designed to cut through the weld on one panel while leaving the second panel free of holes.

    Rugged high performance drill is designed to effectively cut Autobody panel Spot–welds.
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Type 187 Autobody Weldout™ Spotweld Super Cobalt Modified point
    Autobody Spotweld Super Cobalt Type 187
    Modified point on the Type 187 drill is chip resistant with slightly greater penetration into the second panel.

    High red hot hardness of cobalt steel permits speeds 30% greater than high speed steel drills.
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Type 187-DN Titanium Nitride Autobody Weldout™ Spot–weld Drills M42 Cobalt Heavy Duty Spur Point
    Titanium Nitride Autobody Spotweld Drills M42 Type 187-DN
    Titanium nitride doubles the tool life, gives additional lubricity and protects the cutting edges of the drill in tough Spot–weld removal applications.

    Titanium nitride drills require a slower speed (490 RPM) when drilling difficult materials.

    Titanium nitride coated M42 cobalt steel Spot–weld drills are designed for use in high strength high alloy steel commonly used in the automobile industry.
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Type 187-B Carbide Titanium Aluminum Nitride Spot–weld Drills
    Carbide Titanium Aluminum Nitride Autobody Spotweld Drills Type 187-B
    Designed to cut Spot–welds from Boron steel

    Use in high temperature operations and difficult to machine materials. Titanium aluminum nitride improves lubricity, eliminating lubrication requirements.

    RECOMMENDED:(900 RPM – 1,000 RPM)
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Boron steel is a perfect base material for a great variety of products, parts and components, that need extreme hardness, wear resistance, high strength, toughness and resistance to mechanical load. These boron steel properties after heat treatment ensure longer lifetime and considerable weight reduction.

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