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Type 183-AG Acrylic Drills with Chipfree™ Point
    Acrylic Drills Chipfree™ Point Type 183-AG
    Super Chipfree™ point is precision ground at a 60° angle for gradual
    to avoid cracking and chipping of the acrylic material.

    Special 0° rake angle on cutting edge eliminates "grabbing"
    when drill breaks through plastic, acrylic, or laminate surfaces.

    All sizes over 1/4" have 1/4" shanks.
    Type 183-AG Acrylic Drills with Chipfree™ point DOWNLOAD: PDF

Type 183-AG Chipfree™ Acrylic Drills Set
    7pc. Acrylic Drills Set Type 183-AG
    Sizes: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2"

    All sizes over 1/4" have 1/4" shanks.
    7pc. Acrylic Drills Set Type 183-AG Chipfree™ DOWNLOAD: PDF

Plexiglass is a clear, plastic, lightweight alternative to glass.
Drilling holes in plexiglass can be challenging. Often the traditional drill bits, used for metal and wood, chip and crack the plexiglass while drilling through its surface.

Specialty drill bits prevent the cracking and chipping. You can also alter traditional drill bits to work better with plexiglass. Plastic drill bits can drill through plastic.

These metal drill bits have ground flukes with 90 degree points and 0 degree rake. Plastic drill bits shave or scrape plexiglass, acrylic or plastic away layer by layer.

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