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Terms & Conditions

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Terms and Conditions  are net 30 days.

Minimum Billing  $40.00 − Orders less than the minimum will be increased to $40.00 or assessed a $10.00 below minimum charge, whichever is less.

Drop Ship Orders  Less than $100.00 will be charged a $6.95
drop ship fee.

Prepaid Freight  Orders of $500.00 or more net, are shipped pre-paid.

Returned Goods  will not be accepted without prior approval.
Return Materials Authorization (RMA) must be obtained from Customer Service for all returns and this authorization number must accompany the return. This process will require specific information concerning the reasons for the requested return.

There is a minimum 10% restocking charge. An additional charge will apply if packaging is damaged or non-current. Maxiumun net value allowed to be returned 5% of the prior 12 months purchases unless the return is agreed to be for defective goods.

Billing or Shipping discrepancies  must be reported within 30 days of invoice date in order to be honored.

No Deductions  to billings will be allowed without prior approval. You must have an authorization number prior to your deducting from payment.

Please call customer service, (800) 328-4655, to get your authorization number.  Please note the authorization number on the check when you are deducting the authorized amount.

Prices  are subject to change without notice.


DRILL, REAMER & TAP Products —

18 pc. Spiral Point, NC Tap & Drill Set - Norseman Drill
CN-TECH™ Cryogenic Nitrided HSS Products Set
Taper Pipe Taps - Regular & Interrupted - Norseman Drill and Tool
CAR Reamers Fast Spiral 3-Flats on Shank - Norseman Drill
High Performance Reduced Neck Spiral Point Gold Oxide, Titanium Nitride, Titanium Carbon Nitride, Titanium Aluminum Nitride
Left Hand Heavy Duty Jobber Length - Norseman Drill and Tool
10pc Screw and Bolt Extractor Set - Norseman Drill and Tool
Ultra Bit™ Multi-Diameter 3-flats on Shank - Norseman Drill
29pc. Blaze Orange Ultra Dex 135° Split Point NAS 907B Jobber Length - Norseman Drill