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Type 175-AG Magnum Super Premium
    Mechanic Length 3-Flat on Shank Type 175-AG
    Hi-molybdenum tool steel – This steel exhibits high hardness and strength, combined with good toughness, over a broad temperature range.

    Body and clearance are Gold oxide treated for maximum lubricity.

    135° Split point for fast peneration and accurate starting without center punch.
    HSS Mechanics Length 135° 3-flats on Shank DOWNLOAD: PDF

Type 178-AG Magnum Super Premium
    HSS 3/8" Reduced Shank Type 178-AG
    135° Split point for fast penetration and accurate starting without center punch.

    Reduced shank with flats positive chuck grip.

    Reduced shank drill allows them to drill large holes while being compatible with tools that have a small chuck size.

    25/64" 175-AG drills with flats will fit a 3/8" chuck without reducing the shank diameter.
    HSS Type 178-AG 3/8" Reduced Shank DOWNLOAD: PDF

Type QR-AG Magnum Super Premium
    1/4" Hex Shank Quick Release Type QR-AG
    135° Split point for fast peneration and accurate starting without center punch.

    Specially designed for hand-held drill and impact tools.

    Recommended use in work hardening grades of stainless steel and other hard metal drill applications.
    HSS - Type QR-AG Mechanic Length DOWNLOAD: PDF


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