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VORTEX–Point™ from Norseman Drill and Tool
    Left–Hand VORTEX–Point™ Mechanics Length
    VORTEX–Point™ tip design stays sharp up to 4X longer COMPARED to
    conventional and other specialty tip design.

    Three–flatted shanks to reduce slippage common with keyless chucks.

    Mechanics length drill bits have a shorter flute length and less overall length
    than jobber-length bits of the same size.

    Remove broken screws, bolts threaded parts and pipes.

    Proudly manufactured in the USA
              with globally sourced material
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Hi–Carbon Spiral Style Screw & Screw & Pipe Extractor
    Spiral Style Hi–Carbon Screw, Stud & Pipe Extractor
    Screw extractor is a specialist tool used to remove broken or damaged screws
    from a piece of work without damaging the thread.

    Broken piece is extracted without damage to threads.

    To Remove the Broken Threaded Part: Drill a hole in the end of the broken part
    ( Left hand spiral heavy duty drills are recommended for this drilling operation.)
    Insert extractor, then turn counter–clockwise using a wrench on the exposed
    end of the extractor.


Left–Hand VORTEX–Point™ & Spiral Hi–Carbon Screw Pipe Extractor
    VORTEX–Point™ HSS Products from Norseman Drill and Tool10pc. Left–Hand & Spiral Hi–Carbon Extractor
    Part# 35852
    VORTEX–Point™ Drill sizes: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8"
    Extractor sizes EX: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    Rugged, Heavy gauge ALL steel case.

    Secure, Snap lock steel cover.

    Corrosion resistant, epoxy baked on coating.

    Each storage hole precisely sized for accurate, quick tool section.

    Proudly manufactured in the USA
              with globally sourced material
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